Barn Fan Covers

Eliminate cold drafts and improve energy efficiency with Barn Fan Covers from Winkler Canvas. Our fan covers are made with industrial 13 oz material that won’t rip or tear. The covers are secured to the fans using a draw belt and light-duty ratchets, creating a tight seal that stops energy loss during the cold winter months. Available in black for fans 12” to 65”.


  • Industrial 13 oz pvc material which won’t rip or tear
  • 6″ skirt with draw belt
  • 1″ light-duty ratchets


  • Cattle operations
  • Dairy barns
  • Hog barns
  • Chicken barns
  • Greenhouses

*We recommend ordering the cover at least 2” larger than your fan size to allow for easier install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What size fan cover should I order?
A) We recommend adding 2” to the outside diameter of your fan to find your cover size. This allows a bit of room to easily slip the cover over and then you can tighten with the draw belt.

Q) What kind of material do you use for your fan covers? 
A) We use a 13oz waterproof PVC material.

Q) My fan is bigger than the options you have listed here, do you make custom sizes? 
A) Yes! We can make these covers in any size, call us for more details.

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