Customer Hive Cover

Beehive Covers

Beehive Covers, or Beehive Wraps, are an effective method for safe guarding your hives during colder weather. Temperature fluctuations and wind chill can have a detrimental effect on your hives’ population. All of our Beehive Covers are insulated and custom-made to your suit your specific requirements.  We make Beehive Covers for four standard beehive boxes or six nuc boxes. Our Beehive Covers slip over the boxes and notch at the front and back. We also offer an optional dirt flap to seal the hive box off from snow and moisture. Notched entrances are also available when stacking boxes.

We use material that provides an R4 insulation value. It is UV stabilized to reduce sun degradation over time, tear resistant and non-permeable. The fabric also maintains its flexibility in cold temperatures while retaining heat from the hives.


  • Optional Velcro flaps for feeder application
  • Optional dirt flap to seal off the hive box
  • UV stabilized and mold & mildew resistant fabric
  • Material used provides an R4 insulation value
  • Optional grommets or draw-belt around bottom perimeter
  • Custom sizes to accommodate your operation


  • Protecting hives from seasonal changes
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