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Boat Tarps

100% Custom Boat Tarps and Travel Covers from Winkler Canvas are uniquely made and designed to ensure a perfect fit for each individual boat. We manufacture both snap & travel covers. We do need to have your boat in our shop to measure and make the cover, so please allow for five business days when making your appointment.


  • Vinyl or Sunbrella materials available
  • Custom made to ensure exact fit
  • Large selection of colours to choose from
  • Optional vents
  • Support poles
  • Choice of tie downs or fasteners
  • Fast turnaround (Typically 3-4 days from the time we have the boat)

  • Pontoon boat covers
  • Fishing boat tarps
  • Speed boats covers
  • Bow covers
  • Mooring covers
  • Travel covers
  • Canopy/Bimini tops
  • Motor covers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I need to bring my boat in to have a cover made?
A) Yes, all of our boat covers are custom made to fit your boat. We like to have your boat at our shop for about a week, typically we will try to book it in so you can drop it off no Monday and pick up end of day Friday.

Q) How long does it take to have a boat cover made? 
A) The cover itself can usually be made within a week. Our schedule fills up quickly during spring and summer months so you may have to schedule a time weeks in advance. Please call our office to reserve your spot.

Q) What kind of material do you use on your boat covers? 
A) The most common type of material we use for our boat tarps is a 13 oz PVC material, which is waterproof, durable and will stand the test of time. We also offer Sunbrella – a marine grade water resistant material that is breathable and light weight. Color selection will vary depending on the material you choose.

Q) What kind of boat tarps do you offer? 
A) We make two basic types of covers – a travel cover and a snap cover. The travel cover comes with straps that tie down to your trailer, it is the most secure tarp we have for travel at highway speeds.
Our snap cover is meant to be used when mooring your boat. We can make this a one or two piece cover and can typically use the existing snaps on your boat. We do not recommend highway travel with the snap cover.

Q) Do you make boat motor covers? 
A) Yes! We offer accessories like motor covers, Bemini top covers and enclosures as well as bow covers. We still need to have your boat here at our shop to make these items as they are all custom fit to your boat. 

Q) Do you repair boat covers? 
A) Yes, we can repair your old cover if it is still in decent condition. You can always stop by our office with your old cover and we can determine if it is worth your hard earned money to repair or if you will need it replaced. Note that we may also need to have your boat here at our shop to do major repair work or alterations to ensure the best fit. 

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