Haystack Covers

Haystack Covers

If saving time, hay and money are important to you than our hay tarps are the right choice. Winkler Canvas hay tarps are the easiest and most cost effective way to cover your hay. Manufactured in a wide range of sizes to suit all types of bales and haystack configurations, our high quality polyethylene hay covers are an economical and cost effective solution for covering hay.

Our hay tarps are used by some of the largest hay and flax straw companies in the world, including Schweitzer Mauduit Canada. We use domestically made fabrics designed to withstand our tough environment. 6 oz. and 10 oz. polyethylene materials are available. We carry standard sizes in stock and can manufacture custom sizes to accommodate any type or size of stack. Typical ship date is 3-4 days for custom orders.

All haystack covers are sewn standard with a rope reinforced perimeter and a triple layer reinforcement at every grommet. Typical grommet spacing is 24’’ apart. Optional D-rings and or belt ties are available upon request. Standard Haystack Cover Tarps are available in 6 oz. silver/black or 10 oz. silver/white polyolefin fabrics.

Stock Sizes Available:

  • 15’ x 60’
  • 25’ x 60’

Tie Down Options Available:

  • Pipe & Ratchet style systems have pockets along the sides of the stack covers and flaps with draw belts on the ends.
  • Covers with Grommet or D-rings around the perimeter have the following fastening hardware options available: 

– 30″ tarp strap
– 21″ tarp strap
– 15″ tarp strap
– 9″ tarp strap
– 6″ tarp strap
– 2.5″ S-hook
– 1/4″ black poly rope

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I tie my tarp down? 
A) We have several tie-down options available. Our standard hay tarp comes with a rope reinforced perimeter with grommets every 24” all the way around. You can use a rope to weave through the grommets and tie it down to anchors or you can use rope with a super cinch and hook. We also sell rubber tarps straps with s-hooks that can be used to hook into the grommets on the tarp and into your bale stack.  

Q) Do you carry any hay tarps in stock?
A) Yes, we typically carry 15’ x 60’ and 25’ x 60’ tarps in stock. For large orders or custom sizes you may need to order a few weeks in advance – especially during peak season.

Q) How long do your tarps last? 
A) It’s difficult to say how long a hay tarp will last because they can come in different material weights and be used for different applications. As long as you tie the tarp down properly and keep it from whipping in the wind for prolonged periods, your tarp should last several years.

Q) What size do I need? 
A) Our most common sizes are 15′ x 60′ and 25′ x 60′ but bales stacks come in all shapes and sizes. We do make custom tarps, so it’s up to you to determine the size. An easy way to measure your bale stack is to tie a weight to one end of a rope, throw it over your stack and measure the rope where it falls to your liking. 



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