Heated Septic Tanks

Heated Septic Tanks or Waste Water Tanks offer an exceptionally universal option for septic collection applications. The heavy duty PVC vinyl tanks are a cost effective alternative for septic containment in remote areas as well as for extreme winter temperatures. This product has been tested in the western Canadian oilfields for the past decade with excellent customer satisfaction.

These products are in use in several industries, including oil & gas, mining, construction, geological surveying and recreation. PVC bladder tanks have also been used in remote areas for many years. They are collapsible and light weight, making it easier to transport multiple units, saving time and money while simultaneously leaving a smaller environmental footprint. The unique design incorporates a 120 volt heat cord strategically placed throughout the outer area of the tank. For extreme weather conditions, there is an optional insulated fitted blanket cover which snugly encases the bladder tank providing an additional R4 insulation value. The drain inlets and outlets are equipped with gaskets and are tightly bolted onto the tanks, removing the risk of any leaks that often occur with many friction type fittings. All outlets have NPT thread to allow for standard fittings and shut-off valves. The tanks are also generally equipped with a pressure relief valve to allow air to escape during expansion. Tie straps are attached around the perimeter of the tank to allow the tanks to be easily positioned and offers tie off supports required in extremely uneven terrains.


  • Only heated collapsible bladder tank on the market
  • Field tested & proven
  • 28 oz. heavy duty Panama woven PVC fabric (XR5 or Urethane Available)
  • Bolt-In NPT outlets (3” Standard / other sizes available)
  • Tie straps
  • Pressure relief valve
  • 4 standard sizes
  • Optional insulated blankets
  • Tanks can be used in all four seasons
  • Heat cords are CSA approved and replaceable if ever damaged

  • Oil & Gas sites
  • Mining & exploration
  • Remote construction areas
  • Housing units in national/provincial parks
  • Mobile home parks
  • General temporary housing
Sizes Available:

Heat Cord Length
233 Imp/1050 L60″ x 72″ 15″60′
311 Imp/1410 L60″ x 96″ x 15″80′
389 Imp/1760 L60″ x 120″ x 15″120′

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