Vestas Wind Turbine Grout Tent

Wind Turbine Grout Tents

An innovative, patented solution for the wind energy sector, Wind Turbine Grout Tents from Winkler Canvas are specifically designed shelters to prevent adverse weather conditions from interfering with routine wind turbine maintenance. We have designed a cost-effective solution that goes up in a fraction of the time it takes to construct temporary hoarding using traditional construction materials.

Traditional construction hoarding Рtarps with wooden frames Рrequires dozens of hours of labour for installation, resulting in unnecessary costs and poor lighting. A Winkler Wind Turbine Grout Tent creates a safer, more efficient job site with warm, dry working conditions and natural lighting so proper grout adhesion can occur. The fabric of our tent allows for light transmittance, while traditional hoarding requires complicated lighting systems and power sources. Grout application to wind turbine bases requires a weather-proof, well-lit work area. If the hoarding were to fail and the grout compromised, it must be completely removed and reapplied.

Winkler Canvas Wind Turbine Grout Tents provide a sealed environment that can be heated if necessary. With the job completed, simply pack up your grout tent in the convenient crate supplied and reuse the tent at your next job site – saving additional construction material expenses over time. Ask about identifying labels for the storage crate.


  • 3 standard sizes available to fit 12′, 13′ & 14′ diameter wind turbines. Custom sizes may be available upon request.
  • Lightweight & easy to set up
  • Made with strong, durable materials proven to last in the field
  • Comes with 2 – 14″ wide vents for external heat source attachment
  • Adjustable tent poles for uneven surfaces
  • Complete with all required hardware and fastening materials
  • Includes crate for shipping & storage, labeled for easy identification on the job site
  • Instructions included

  • Quick installation
  • Offers natural lighting
  • Provides optimal working conditions for grout application
  • Re-useable

US Patent No.: US 9,828,787 B1

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