In recent months, Manitoba Conservation has begun enforcing regulations around the safe storage and handling of petroleum products. For those of you that are unaware, per Manitoba Regulation MR 188/2001 Storage and Handling of Petroleum Products and Allied Products Regulation (Petroleum Storage Regulation) under The Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act, Manitoba Conservation requires that spills and overfills from product transfer areas shall be contained, treated and disposed of. If a facility does not meet these requirements, they cannot receive fuel deliveries. Further, all petroleum storage facilities built after December 31, 2010 are required to include a petroleum product transfer area that will allow any spill or overflow to be contained, treated and disposed of.
Facilities with a capacity of 5000 L to 50,000 L must provide spill containment at all connection points during a fuel delivery. Spill containment can be provided by using drip catchers, designed to collect small spills and leaks under vehicles, or berms can also be used to collect runoff.

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